Online Non-Branded Hair Color Course 100+ Lessons & 21 Demonstrations. Designed by Sue Pemberton 5-Time Award Winner, Color ICON, Platform Artist, Educator, Mentor, Artistic Director & Trainer of Many Industry's Artists, Educators & Influencers Successful Today.




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""I highly recommend this course to all Stylists regardless of your level, there is a lot of information but it's fast paced and flows easily, it's easy to learn Education. Even for seasoned stylist even if they have been doing hair for many years & know what they are doing, mainly from trial & error but when it goes wrong, then that's when it's hard to fix it especially if you don't know the WHY'S this is a great course for learning hair color correctly for the first time & tells you the WHY'S. I would like to add, AMAZING a privilege & honor to be part of the MCS there are many highly educated people but very few are fun & easy to talk to & I love the Facebook Members group with like-minded Stylists.""

Julie Engle-Tomczek
Stylist Master Color Series Member & Davines Educator

"This Course Wowed Me!!! To Learn FACTS About Chemistry of Color as well as Artistry by Someone who Only has Talent & Not Selling Anything But Her Incredible Knowledge of How it All Works Together Science & Artistry! If you love creating & designing Haircolor there is no better way to understand & learn how to create YOUR color designing & understand how color REALLY works, Thank You Sue for Sharing it ALL xoxo 🥰"

Barbara Osher Stoessler
Stylist Master Color Series Member

""This is really a great course because if you are very passionate & you want to be the best Stylist & grow, see beautiful hair color on your clients then you should take this course, not only is it going to motivate you and make you feel reassured in what your doing & why your formulating something, its going to give you confidence & my clients love to see that I am doing continuous education because hair's constantly changing and you can never know it all. I felt very honored to have learnt from someone that has the knowledge & Sue has done it all and done something I want to do & dream to do and can actually help me get there, one point I questioned is this possible but taking this class as made me realized it is possible, so why not learn from the best & take this course if your committed to your Artistry and you want to be the best and wake up happy without stress, live a great life & make good money this is the course for you". "

Stephanie White
Stylist Master Color Series Member

""This is an Incredible Color Educational Series!!. I have learned so much from Sue. She is truly a Master of her Art & her Ability to teach is Amazing!! Love & Respect ❤️🙏🏻❤️"

Cindy Elliott-Semrau
Stylist Master Color Series Member

"What an honor to learn directly from International Haircolor Icon Sue Pemberton!! She shares her career-long knowledge of the chemistry of hair color, so you know WHY & HOW it works... and then she shows you exactly how to take that science and turn it into beautiful ART & unlock your own inspiring creativity. She is a fabulous teacher, motivator, and mentor. Taking her Master Color Series course is the BEST thing I have ever done to advance my 20-year career! Thank you, Sue, for taking us under your wings & encouraging us to spread our own!"

Stephany Kinsman - Weisling
Master Color Series Member & Stylist/Salon Owner

Meet Sue Pemberton

5-Time Award Winning Master Colorist, ICON & Artistic Director for a Leading Manufacturers, Sue has Spent Decades Traveling the World Training Teams of Platform Artists, Educators & Stylists. Sue now brings her Knowledge, Expertise & Artistry to Stylists with a Protege Course.


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