Designed by SUE PEMBERTON 5-Time Award Winning Industry Hair Color ICON, Platform Artist, Educator, Mentor and Former International Artistic Director for a Leading Manufacturer for 26 Years. Now Brings her Knowledge, Expertise & Artistry to the Stylist with The Master Color Series that Consist of 100+ Master Classes, 21 Demonstrations & the WHY'S & FACT's of Chemistry, Science all the way into Artistry, Design of Hair Color all you need to know to Excel.


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"I LOVE HAIR COLOR and I Designed the Master Color Series to Share my Knowledge & Passion for Hair Color Education. I have Spent Decades Traveling the USA & World Educating and I Believe that Stylist need the WHY'S & FACT's to be Fearless & Confident with Hair Color Chemistry, Formulation and Corrective Color. Let's NOT end it there, I have Include the ARTISTRY of Placement, Shading, Contouring, Color Harmony, Photography & Competition to name a few classes and all that you need to take your Hair Color Designs to the Next Level, Let Me Share My Knowledge I Promise You Will NOT be Disappointed".


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The Course is Designed to Create a Very Strong Foundation & to Layer Upon that, the Creativity & Artistry of Haircolor. The Entire Course Consist of Three Modules & it is Recommended to take in Order. For Stylists that Prefer to Purchase and Take the Course in the Individual Modules they have that Option. However, Module Three is NOT a Stand Alone Module to Purchase by itself, because in Order to Understand Module Three you Would need to have Completed Modules One & Two. Stylist that Choose to take The Module Individually, when Completing Modules 1 & 2 will then be Ready & have the Option to Purchase Module Three. FOR ALL THREE MODULES CLICK ON COMPLETE COURSE

Master Color Series


MODULE 1, 2 & 3 

Online Course


Master Color Series



Online Course


Master Color Series



Online Course 


MASTER COLOR SERIES Frequently Asked Questions

Stylist ask...

There is NO limit on Membership, once you have purchased the course it is there for you to access and watch as you choose.  Although, Zoom Q&A is Limited to 6 months giving the Stylist plenty of time to go through the course. I am always here for you & any questions can be posted after each lesson.

No.. The Course is Non-Branded it is irrelevant what you use.

The Master Color Series is a huge course divided into 3 Modules with 100+ Lessons & 21 Demonstrations and NOT ONLY Techniques but the foundation of Hair Color Foil Placement & the WHY'S.

Yes, I highly recommend you follow along with Mannequins and post your work in the members only Facebook Group.

Every week Sue has a ZOOM Q&A Call for all Members to ask questions or you can post your questions after each lesson for Sue to answer and JOIN the Private Facebook Group with like-minded Stylists for MCS Members only.

I feel that in order to go into Module Three and understand you would need to go through Module One & Two first to truly understand the Artistry.

"Over all these years, I've worked with some of the greatest colorists in the world, and Sue Pemberton is one of them. The thing I love so much about Sue is her incredible creativity, her playfulness, and originality. The other aspect of Sue's genius is that she is equally as comfortable doing pretty salon commercial color, through to award winning avant-garde designs. As we all know, a great colorist is someone who truly understands the science of color, and this is one of Sue's wonderful gifts, she simplifies the complexity of color theory. It's super exciting that Sue has now created her own online Sue Pemberton color educational program where you can go through the fundamentals to advance coloring techniques. Sue is an incredible teacher. And I know that when you study with Sue Pemberton, you too will become an amazing colorist. Vivienne Mackinder 7-Time NAHA Award Winner "

Vivienne Mackinder @ Vivienne Makinder.Com
Industry ICON

"I have know Sue Pemberton for over 20 years. I have had the pleasure of working with her on Shows, Seminars, Photoshoots and more. We both met and worked for a large manufacturer, both as Creative Directors. Sue’s work speaks for itself, she has a Unique, Signature and look to her work, which stands out from the crowd and turns heads. Her Creative, Technical Skill for Hair Color is out standing. She understands the Science, Technique and Approach to Create Stunning Hair Color. Sue has been a huge Mentor to many leading hair colorists that are known in the social media world. Sue shares her knowledge with others to help grow and nurture hair colorists of all levels, all over the world. A few words to describe Sue. Color Genius, Mentor, Extraordinaire & Always Giving. Always Ahead of Trend & Always Lights up a room with her Beautiful Energy. Damien Carney NAHA Award Winner & 5-Time Nominee."

Damien Carney @ DamienCarney.Com
Industry ICON

"Sue Pemberton is the Quintessential Colorist, Amazing, One of The Best in the World. She has this Placement, this Color & Creative Mind that I have Very Rarely Seen in All the Years & World I have Worked in this Industry. To have Sue do the Color for me to Cut into a Design is an Amazing Journey. And all I can say is her Amazing World of Techniques that she Shares, You will be Amazingly Surprised she is Absolutely Awesome, as said One of the Finest in the World, a True Top Colorists Sue Pemberton is Amazing"

Phillip Wilson @ Wilsonhaircollective.Com
Industry ICON

"Sue Pemberton; Over the many years of my career visiting over 25 countries in my capacity as Artistic Director I have had the opportunity to work with many colorists and educators. Sue is probably the most innovative, creative and forward thinking colorist I have had the great privilege to work with. I believe her greatest asset that I recognize is her ability to transfer an immense bank of knowledge and educate the future professionals in our industry. Nicholas French 4 Time Avant Garde NAHA Winner, 11 Time Finalist, Lifetime Achievement Award, Bio Ionic. "

Nicholas French @ NicholasFrench.Com
Industry ICON

"I want to recognize the Mentors who pave the way for us to think we can even do this-people like Nicholas French, Sam Villa, Eric Fisher and Sue Pemberton who taught me everything I know about color."

Chrystofer Benson
VP Global Creative Direction CLICS

"I highly recommend this course to all Stylists regardless of your level, there is a lot of information but it's fast paced and flows easily, it's easy to learn Education. Even for seasoned stylist even if they have been doing hair for many years & know what they are doing, mainly from trial & error but when it goes wrong, then that's when it's hard to fix it especially if you don't know the WHY'S this is a great course for learning hair color correctly for the first time & tells you the WHY'S. I would like to add, AMAZING a privilege & honor to be part of the MCS there are many highly educated people but very few are fun & easy to talk to & I love the Facebook Members group with like-minded Stylists."

Julie Engle-Tomczek
Stylist Master Color Series Member & Davines Educator

"This is an Incredible Color Educational Series!!. I have learned so much from Sue. She is truly a Master of her Art & her Ability to teach is Amazing!! Love & Respect ❤️🙏🏻❤️"

Cindy Elliott-Semrau
Stylist/Salon Owner & Master Color Series Member

"What an honor to learn directly from International Haircolor Icon Sue Pemberton!! She shares her career-long knowledge of the chemistry of hair color, so you know WHY & HOW it works... and then she shows you exactly how to take that science and turn it into beautiful ART & unlock your own inspiring creativity. She is a fabulous teacher, motivator, and mentor. Taking her Master Color Series course is the BEST thing I have ever done to advance my 20-year career! Thank you, Sue, for taking us under your wings & encouraging us to spread our own!"

Stephany Kinsman-Wiestling
Stylist/Salon Owner & Master Color Series Member

"This Course Wowed Me!!! To Learn FACTS About Chemistry of Color as well as Artistry by Someone who Only has Talent & Not Selling Anything But Her Incredible Knowledge of How it All Works Together Science & Artistry! If you love creating & designing Haircolor there is no better way to understand & learn how to create YOUR color designing & understand how color REALLY works, Thank You Sue for Sharing it ALL xoxo 🥰"

Barbara Stoessler
Stylist Master Color Series Member

"This is really a great course because if you are very passionate & you want to be the best Stylist & grow, see beautiful hair color on your clients then you should take this course, not only is it going to motivate you and make you feel reassured in what your doing & why your formulating something, its going to give you confidence & my clients love to see that I am doing continuous education because hair's constantly changing and you can never know it all. I felt very honored to have learnt from someone that has the knowledge & Sue has done it all and done something I want to do & dream to do and can actually help me get there, one point I questioned is this possible but taking this class as made me realized it is possible, so why not learn from the best & take this course if your committed to your Artistry and you want to be the best and wake up happy without stress, live a great life & make good money this is the course for you. "

Stephanie White
Stylist Master Color Series Member

"I want you to know, that I'm always going to be thankful for you, the structure & discipline you helped me develop in color and the hair industry has spilled over into other areas of my life & now I am achieving other goals with those valued principles I learned from you. "

Christine Barnum

Sue Pemberton Education.

"It's All About Color & All You Need to Know to Excel"

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